Research for Natasha is inspired by the Mexican Journalist Lydia Cacho and her book ‘Slavery Inc’ (2012): “Impervious to recession the international sex trade continues to thrive and develop in its complexity”.

Written in 2012 Natasha is a libretto in fifteen self-contained sections and has the potential for production in any sequence.


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Natasha has received encouraging feedback in 2013 from ‘Ice and Fire’, a London based theatre company working in association with Amnesty International on their joint initiative; ‘Everyone Has the Right’. ‘Ice and Fire’ said, “Natasha has the potential to be a brave and powerful piece of theatre-opera and the writer is to be admired for the scope and ambition of the work”.

From Thomas Griffin, actor and theatre-maker (New York), “I admire your passion and the fact that you are willing to tackle such a poignant and painful subject”. Thank God/For the girls of some other god (Natasha).

From the ‘BBC Writersroom’ London where Natasha progressed to the second stage (7% of 1,200 scripts). “We hope you will take heart as this is an achievement amidst very strong competition”.