Where Now (An eye for an eye and we’re all blind)

Stills from a Sculptural Performance for Film.


The research for this work was made possible with a studio award from ACAVA (Association for Cultural Advancement Through Visual Art) 2002

Funded by London Arts Board and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

Selected for exhibition by The Royal British Society of Sculptors for Politics Pays Back: Images of political life inthe UK and around the world, Kowalsky Gallery, London 2007-8.

Where Now (An eye for an eye and we’re all blind)

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Where Now (an eye for and eye and we’ve all blind) 2006 is a short surreal Anti-war film and explores the idea that humans (are not aliens from another planet) but are the same, despite religious, ethnic, cultural and gender differences. We all bleed, feel fear and die. We all have the potential for compassion and love.

The film attempts to demonstrate how women and children are easy targets in global conflict situations.

Where Now is edited to an extreme in an attempt to mirror the ugliness of the extreme position.