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An extract from Bourgeois; A view from the bottom of the well. (RCA dissertation 2000)

In 1875-6 Rodin, made his first major work, The Age Of Bronze (spring’s awakening), which signalled a new beginning in art that no longer depended upon the primacy of subject matter, or narration, or mimesis. This visual experience derives from a concept in art that is no longer, “…beholden to specific anecdotal representation: a concept of art that has freed itself and is thus no longer clutching at the centuries old Aristotelian principle of mimesis, of imitating nature as truthfully and faithfully as possible.” 7.  (Crone and Schaesberg in Louise Bourgeois The Secrets of the Cells). He was entrusting it entirely to the genuinely artistic realms of free creative imagination. The developed concept of the fragment in Rodin’s work allows us to conjure up disjointed narratives and complete them with meaningful allusions. Confronted with a fragment such as Rodin’s La Pensee of the mid 1880’s the viewer is challenged to make his own independent, intuitive contribution to the dialogue with the artwork. Crone describes this process by which the viewer “…is inspired to abandon value judgements and to sound out for himself the possible ideas and multiplicities of meaning in a given work” (Crone et al) 8. Free of the detail of figurative sculpture, the fragment, by virtue of its succinctness gives a voice to something greater than itself. Such fragmentary sculptures as Meditation Sans Bras (The Inner Voice) and Torso provide insights into the energies and strengths that direct and determine human behaviour vis-à-vis the human being.

Thread or yarn is an ancient metaphor for the pattern of our lives, “…the thin,breakable thread in the child’s room reveals the unfinished process of creative construction, a loosely-structured world of possibilities” (Crone, et, al) 22. The fragility vulnerability of thread with its perpetual threat of breaking, snagging, knotting, distracted and enmeshed in a tangled web can also contain possibility of a freeing positive flowing of the thread



Fresh whites gone churned up sunlight January wakening autumn stored                                                               Face truthfulness red hooveshoes
Sunshine brings them all out walking through toxicity
People scared to say hello
Mind numb anaesthetic face fingertips frozen sheep still running away
Great pylon emerging from black thicket wise ruler outreaching flock
Pastel baby blues low clouds
Smell chill ice rustle still
Bright stark skeletons alveoli against green white blue long shadows grazing horizon
To be out and alone running the fields
Tractor tracks furrows leaves companions
Not a trace of it
Fresh start new beginnings
And the tree is dead
Continue through damp rotting floor
Name carved into trunk mossy stains brown crinkles decision reached
Ravenous remains dragged preserved ice eaten thaw no bones only fur
Bones January crunched white expansive execution long dead feast
Heron pterodactyl timelessness running again warming up
Buttercup four flowers
Glistening rushing bubbling momentary change missed opportunity
Hedgehog flows over obstacles pile-up and the flowing keeps
Water white hitting air miniature lagoons sunshine silvery waterfalls mighty Nile
Frothy omelettes rushing silence rushing water
Squished wilted ferns death over-ride greens remains icy preservation hairy rods legs bent at knees new growth through decomposition
Snow came early autumn out-of-sync
Banked rusted oranges less protection pinked red stalks silver larch
Bony arms outreaching overcast running home almost before
All the logs gone fires homes wet shadow remains
Bike track vertebrae
Bright viridian greens against grey undergrowth
Mossy fluffy beards on branches
Holly no berries