Anatomical Drawing

This is a large human anatomical drawing on a roll of paper 10 metre x 1.5 metre. The drawings are not to scale and Not Gray’s Anatomy – the drawings are surreal and intended to be viewed for exhibition alongside the Scoby sculptures. The Scoby (symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast) sculptures are made with microbial cellulose; and the drawings are intended to reflect on the possibility of different microbiomes existing in different parts of the body. These microbiomes complete with probiotics and other helpful organisms are responsible for health and keeping the immune system balanced across various sites, organs and systems.

The drawing starts with the stomach and the intestines – the ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates believed this area of the body to be the centre of the universe for health; and that localised gut health was essential for the full working of the whole system.

Each organ or system is isolated in the large spaces of the white paper and seemingly having random connection with one another – this is a reflection on our modern medical approach to health; an isolationist rather than a joined-up systemic approach.