Jane Fox

Jane Fox studied sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (1995-99) and the Royal College of Art, London (1999-2001); and psychology, criminology and politics at University College Cardiff (1982-85). Jane is a nurse, midwife and health visitor.

Connected/ Breathe-In/ Becoming Probiotic/ Becoming Plastic. Photo Credit Russell Sach

Explorations into mystery, things unknown/ invisible/ hidden are the presiding forces within the work – in the natural world, health, psychology, culture and politics. This is a persistent thread running through very different projects and using different methods and materials over the decades.

Jane is an organic gardener. She is researching bio-materials for sculpture – specifically, probiotic microbial cellulose and mycelium. Between 2022-2023 Jane made prototype sculptures using the microbial cellulose called Connected/ Breathe-In/ Becoming Probiotic/ Becoming Plastic.

Connected/ Breathe-In/ Becoming Probiotic/ Becoming Plastic 2022-2023. Photo credit Eifion Ap Cadno

Bio-materials are a departure from metals, plaster and found objects.

Hiroshima is a welded steel and plate aluminium sculpture. The appendages are flexible and the sculpture can change configuration. On the surface it was decorated with aluminium foil and red velvet presenting as an attractive sculpture. Internally, the cut plate aluminium is sharp and dangerous.

Jane has written and produced new musical theatre and opera for Asking4It Productions. These works explore issues of human rights, the sex trade and politics. Butcher was musical theatre and an exploration of the cancer and pharmaceutical industries. New musical scores were written for the theatre and opera projects and they were funded in part by Arts Council of Wales and Ty Cerdd/ Music House Wales.


Musical theatre and opera: http://asking4itproductions.co.uk

Peacekeeping; and The Filmmaker and the Organ Trader photo shoot
Peacekeeping; and the Filmmaker and the Organ Trader (opera double-bill) photo shoot at Wales Millenium Centre, 2018

Jane is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors: MRSS https://sculptors.org.uk/artists/jane-fox#pid=