2020 Music theatre and sculpture images published in Abstract: Contemporary Expressions (US online publication)

Journey to the Sheep – Part Two published in The Welsh Poetry Competition; Ten Years On 2012-2016. An anthology of winners’ poems over the five year period, ISBN 978-1-326-83972-7

Solar Plexus and Waiting published in The Welsh Poetry Competition; The first five years 2007-2011. An anthology of winners’ poems over the five year period, ISBN 978-1-4477-3232-7

Solar Plexus, Sex, Cold and Conflict published in The Literary Pocket Book Number Two. Autumn/ Winter 2007/8. Edited by Steven Hitchins. A collection of poems by John Evans, Jane Fox, Steve Hitchens, John Maher and Gavin Price. Illustrations by Marita Forss

White Rabbit published in Routemasters and Mushrooms. An Earlyworks Press Poetry Anthology 2006. Edited by Kay Green, ISBN 0-9553429-0-2

Image published in Arcadia In The City At Marble Hill. Published by English Heritage 2002. A group exhibition of sculpture, installations and interventions, ISBN 1-85074-842-X

Sculpture images published in The Royal College of Art Show 2001. Edited by Will Dallimore, ISBN 187417559-4

Sculpture images published in New Contemporaries 99. Edited by Bev Bytheway, ISBN 0-9515556-8-5


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