Asking4It Productions were founded by Jane Fox in 2011 to write and commission musical theatre and opera.


Butcher is written by Sue Jickells and Jane Fox with original music by James Flight. It is an examination of the highly profitable cancer industry.

Three women dressed in pinks running-in-circles for cancer question the possibility of a cure.

Epi-genetics. The medical profession. Surgical removal of healthy breasts and other organs.
Pharmaceutical and cancer fundraising industries.
Butcher tackles them all.

We constructed a circus big-top with tiered seating and the butchers examine the audience with probes and lights. A film of dna and surgery is projected onto the red drapes of the big-top.

Many people believe cancer is fatally encoded in the genes and is unavoidable – and, why not when the pharmaceutical industries, research departments and NHS depend on this perpetuation.

Strait-Jackets and military references are used to juxtapose war with bodily invasion and occupation. Design ideas for military uniform were non-specific with the intention of exploring universal themes of brutalism within Butcher.

Butcher is an attempt to re-define cancer and challenges the status- quo within the field of biomedical science: genetics, the pharmaceutical industries, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

It questions the ethics of the surgical removal of healthy breasts, when there is positive family history or when BRCA genes present.

Public health is marginalised even though research has been available for decades indicating that most cancers are preventable.

Epi-genetic scientists examine the impact of fear, belief systems, culture and environmental pollutants on the health of the cell. There is potential for the reversal of damage because of plasticity within the cell.

We live in an increasingly polluted world and the rates of cancer of all varieties is exponential – is the reversal of toxicity still preventable.


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