Kefir (Probiotics) further development

Jane Fox has been fermenting various organic Probiotics since 2010. This has developed alongside the growing of food for almost twenty years. Fox is especially interested in the potential of microbes to heal and support health.

Alongside, the constant supply of fresh Kefir probiotics at home Fox is researching a written project on the subject of ‘The Leaky Gut Syndrome’ (LGS).

Kefir probiotics are strongly implicated in terms of re-balancing gut dysbosis and helping to heal the ‘broken’ gut lining (alongside organic plant-based diets).

There is increasing support to suggest probiotics may help to prevent and reverse many common diseases; and new syndromes.

In 2022 Fox is growing Scobys (symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeasts) and mycelium to explore possibilities for the development of sculptural materials and form.

The aim is to exhibit the fermenting probiotic cultures alongside some of the new sculptural forms; and a large scale drawing of human anatomy referencing symbiotic and integrated systems within the body. The drawing is ten metres x 1.5 m and needs to be installed as a complete roll.