Overview – Growing Materials to Make Sculpture

Since 2022 Jane Fox is growing probiotic cultures and mycelium to make sculpture. These living materials are fed, fermented and grown. This is a different ethos for making sculpture.

Probiotic Microbial Cellulose

In a single process of fermenting probiotic tea Kombucha, the ‘mother’ Scoby (symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast) also generates a cellulose material. Until recent years, the cellulose was viewed as a bi- product of commercial brewing the tea.

Today, it is recognised as a valuable material with applications within art, fashion, design, medicine and surgery.


Mycelium is increasinly valued as a material with numerous applications. Here are images from growing mycelium at home.

‘Ecovative’ in upstate New York are growing packaging, building materials and furniture from mycelium. Building architecture with ancient fungi is an exciting way forward.

The Design Department at Central St Martins School, London are researching applications for the fashion industry; including vegan leather and how to make microbial cellulose clothing durable.