Peacekeeping; and The Filmmaker and The Organ Trader

Asking4It Productions were founded by Jane Fox in 2011 to write and commission musical theatre and opera.

Peacekeeping; and The Filmmaker and The Organ Trader is a double-bill exploring slavery, the sex-trade and human trafficking. Librettos by Jane Fox and musical scores by Ashley John Long. It was performed at the Wales Millennium Centre, 2018.

“Those with a greater knowledge of opera than I will be aware that cruelty to women is a traditional theme. This skilfully performed double-bill places it squarely in a global political context, to startling effect.” – Othniel Smith, British Theatre Guide

Bought, sold, filmed, exhausted, transplanted and sold again. Is equality ever possible while men pay women for sex.
People are selling organs to survive. Children are being kidnapped. Refugees and displaced people are at risk from traffickers and brokers. Who does your body belong to.

‘Peacekeeping’ (45 minutes) – Is a multi-layered story examing mysogyny in this psychological chamber opera of four arias; and harp, oboe, cello and percussion.

Peacekeeping examines different perspectives in a border town where international troops are stationed. Conflict zones. War. Occupation. Peacekeeping. Strange places with strange rules. Prime locations for state provided brothels, sex crimes and human trafficking.

Part-funded by a Ty Cerdd New Music bursary 2017-2018.

‘The Filmmaker and The Organ Trader’ (30 minutes) – A haunting electronic score evoking an industrial, transportation and internal bodily soundscape. An unusual love story between clowns inviting us to delve into their dark, lucrative world of the pornography film industry, body harvesting and organ trading.

Score sample – Ashley John Long

Funded by crowd funding.


Shelter opera was performed at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff in 2015